An average person’s food blog, flops and all

There are many food blogs out there that I have long enjoyed, focused on recipes focused on healthy eating, desserts, indulgent eating, desserts, vegetarian eating, desserts, meat lovers meals, desserts, and sometimes even breakfast foods. I’ve toyed with making a blog myself but wondered what I could possibly add to the world of food blogging considering I’m not very good at coming up with recipes myself and almost everything I make comes from someone else’s recipe that’s already out there to find as I did, but it suddenly struck me what might make me different:
·         While I love food, and I love good food, I’m not an expert chef and I’m not precious or fancy about it. I don’t care if it doesn’t turn out perfect or doesn’t look as pretty as the professional-looking photos on most well-established food blogs, I’m still going to enjoy eating it! Come here and you’ll see how these recipes turn out in a REAL person’s kitchen, flaws and all. And I’ll be honest about what worked and what didn’t and what I cheated on. And I cheat pretty often.
·         While I will generally follow recipes already out there on the internet, and will link to the source when I do, sometimes I try modifications to suit my taste or my nutritional needs, so I’ll share any adaptations and how they worked out (and disclaimer: while I might make a particular choice based on a nutritional “need” or want, none of my nutritional choices should be taken as a belief that it is the best nutritional choice for everyone).
Sometimes my modifications will involve making something lower calorie, sometimes it will involve adding more calories to enhance deliciousness, sometimes I try to make something more protein dense, and I’ll almost always cut out cheese from a recipe that calls for it. Which brings us to:
·         I hate cheese. There are exceptions to this: cream cheese (and I love cheesecake), and most Italian soft-white cheeses (mozzarella – I love pizza, ricotta, parmesan) when their flavor is more overpowered by a tomato sauce type flavor and the cheese isn’t excessive (I hate extra-cheese pizza!). Sometimes I’ll substitute in sour cream or greek yogurt or something, but more often I’ll just cut it out or avoid cheesey recipes
·         I hate mushrooms and shellfish, and will either make substitutions or avoid these types of recipes
So that about sums up what this blog is all about! And coming back to the fact that I’m not precious about food, and also that I have a relatively busy life and am a single person generally cooking for one, I tend to make one major dinner type dish per week and just eat the leftovers all week, and same with desserts. (Some may find that gross, but I find most stuff keeps fine in the fridge for up to 7 days; I won’t toss it unless it actually looks or smells gross!) So we’re talking one or two posts per week.

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