Granola with extra protein 

I’m a creature of habit, and while I like to mix up my lunches, dinners and desserts, most of my mornings start off with a bowl of plain Greek yogurt and some granola. This is normally store-bought, for convenience (the Greek yogurt tends to vary between Stonyfield, Rachel’s and Fage, and the granola tends to vary between Bear Naked Original Cinnamon Protein Granola and Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Pumpkin Fig Granola. But sometimes I feel I waste a lot of money on stuff that’s easily made at home.

I’ve made granola before, but I like a lot of protein in the morning (hence the Greek yogurt, and the Bear Naked) to help me get through to lunch, and most recipes I’ve found for granola don’t have much protein. So I did a search for protein-heavy granola recipes and found this one and gave it a try.

Now, some notes on choices/modifications I made: 1) For the rolled oats, I used Bob’s Red Mill Quick Cooking Rolled Oats, and I used a food scale to measure out 270g. The recipe calls for optional mix ins and optional spices, and I fully intended to add in some cinnamon but totally forgot in the heat of the moment, so that didn’t happen. Next time! 2) The recipe calls for “vegan protein powder” but I used what I had on hand, which was Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey – Vanilla Ice Cream flavor, and the 2/3 cups came out to 45g. 3) I forgot to buy unsweetened apple juice and just subbed in water instead. 4)For the syrup, I used Lyle’s Golden Syrup, which came out to 70g – I considered using less as I don’t need my granola too sweet but decided to try it as is for the first go, and it wasn’t too sweet. 5) I used coconut oil (the recipe gives the option of coconut or vegetable).

Now that those details are out of the way, the process!

This was the protein/syrup/water/oil/salt mixture on the stove, when almost done. This part was fairly straight forward and as described in the recipe. I had some lumps on the bottom after I removed it from the heat and went to pour over the oats, but they still blended fine.


The recipe says prep time is 5 mins while cook time is 45. Well, my prep time was closer to 20 minutes. Not a huge burden or particularly troublesome, I just always find I take a bit longer than recipes say. Hell, measuring out ingredients takes at least 5 minutes for me! The oven was done preheating before I got the liquids on the stove. But anyway. The liquid blended fine into the oats, a little dryer than I was expecting, and this was how it looked spread out on the pan before baking:


The recipe says to cook for 42-45 minutes, mixing it up a couple of times, so I baked it for 20, mixed, baked for 10, mixed and another ten. Each time I took it out to mix it up, it looked pretty toasty on the edges, but not burnt. I tried to mix the toasty parts into the middle and the less toasty parts out to the edges, but it didn’t totally cooperate with me.

It smelled very lovely, vanilla-y and somewhat coconut-y while baking

This is at the 20 minute mark, and once fully done:

IMG_1766 IMG_1775

And here is the final, in my morning Greek yogurt:

It was slightly disappointing, actually. My store bought granola tastes better. And I did taste a hint of burnt flavor so if I try it again I’ll try to mix more frequently and deal with those burnt edges. But it’s fine and edible, so I’ll definitely finish up eating the batch.

Nutritional info, based on the ingredients and amounts I used, if split into 10 equal servings (the recipe says 9 but 10 is easier and closer to my usual portion of granola). The whole cooked recipe came out to 380g, so that’s 38g per serving:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.54.09 PM

Overall, more carb-dense and less protein-dense than I would have preferred, but not too bad.


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