Cappucino “cheesecake”

So I tried this cappuccino “cheesecake” from Chocolate Covered Katie, which is somewhat cheesecake-like but actually has no cream cheese or normal cheesecake-like ingredients in it. Now, I am not one who needs to substitute my cheesecake ingredients to make it healthier (one of my favorite cheesecake recipes is an all-out full-fat recipe designed to imitate Cheesecake Factory’s pumpkin cheesekecake), but sometimes experimenting with these different things can be fun and turn out delicious anyway. I fully admit that if you’re in the mood for real, indulgent cheesecake but want to be healthier, this sort of thing likely won’t cut it, but they can be nice if you’re looking for a lighter dessert that satisfies. Think of it as its own thing rather than a cheesecake substitute, despite the name.

A note on the tofu: I always thought I absolutely hated tofu, and I definitely do in savory dishes; I’ll generally pick it out of most things and don’t see myself ever willingly eating it as a meat substitute. As a dessert ingredient, I was skeptical at first. I’ve made a few recipes from Chocolate Covered Katie that call for tofu, trusting her note that you won’t even notice it’s tofu. The first one I tried, which was a take on a chocolate fudge pie, baked (and I can’t find the recipe now, of course), while I did agree didn’t have any noticeable tofu-ness about it, was only OK. The second one, which was another fudge pie (no bake), was amaaaaaazing, and changed my outlook on tofu forever, so long as there are other ingredients in there to mask the flavor. Just give it a shot. Seriously. I will say as well that she seems to always mention in her recipes using tofu that she recommends Mori Nu brand and has heard that other brands have a strange aftertaste. Well, I’ve never been able to find Mori Nu in my local stores, and I’ve tried a couple other brands and never had an issue with a noticeable weird aftertaste. Just my experience. Maybe if I tried Mori Nu I’d notice a difference and realize I’ve been slumming it, but I haven’t had that option so far. For this one, I used:


I also decided to go crust-free for this occasion, just to keep it lighter, but I think the graham cracker crust recipe she recommends would work nicely. And while I have a springform pan that I usually use for cheesecake, I just did this one straight into a regular pie pan because I didn’t need to do any keeping-crust-in-place-and-releasing-without-disaster trickery. And I was making it just for me to try so don’t need it to be pretty.

This recipe calls for strong-brewed coffee. I used my cold-brew coffee that I have been making at home and drinking like water the last few weeks. I also used: Lyle’s Golden Syrup instead of maple (which actually measured out to 60g), and used the 1/4 cup sugar (40g) instead of the stevia (I HATE the taste of stevia!!)

For the coconut butter, I used Nutiva Coconut Manna. I bought this a while back for another of CC-Katie’s recipes, and had no prior experience with coconut butter and hadn’t touched it since, and it looked a little weird when I opened it for this – oily on top and practically solid, such that I initially thought it had gone bad. But the solid/oil bit fit with the description on the jar, and it was within the expiration date, so – I went with it!

I opted not to use chocolate chips, but added about an ounce of cacao powder instead.

Anyway, the process and results:

I love all of these new recipes I’ve been finding lately  (many from Chocolate Covered Katie) that just involve throwing everything in a blender/food processor to be mixed in seconds. Much easier, faster, and much less cleanup!

This is how it looked after a run through with my Ninja:


She mentions not to overblend, and I was a bit skeptical about how I’d know if I did that. Anyway, I just blended until smooth and consistent.

This is the fun part of the consistency of her tofu-moussey pies, when I pull the blades out:


Fluffy fun to scrape off!

Anyway, this is it in the pan, before and after baking:

IMG_1769 IMG_1776

It had a nice jiggle straight out of the oven.

I let it cool at room temperature, then refrigerated it overnight. And this is a slice of the final pie, which broke apart a bit when I cut and pulled it from the pan, but that often happens to me with the first slice of any cake or pie:


I will say that unlike the aforementioned amaaaaaazing chocolate fudge pie, I was a bit underwhelmed by this one and its consistency reminded me of the initial tofu fudge pie I wasn’t crazy about. I think maybe I just don’t deal well with baked tofu pies and prefer how no-bake turns out: more creamy, less crumbly. Just a personal preference. The taste was good, but sometimes texture bothers me.

Nutritional info based on my recipe modifications/measurements/substitutions (hence might not match CCK’s recorded nutritional info), if cut into 8 even slices:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.36.11 PM


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