Chicken tikka masala with butternut squash noodles

So I’ve lately grown fascinated by the “spiralized vegetable noodles” trend and while I’m not yet quite brave enough to dive in and get myself a proper spiralizer (mainly due to the thought of the thing taking up precious kitchen space and ending up rarely used), I picked up a julienne peeler to give it a go on an experimental/poor man’s basis. So I started with: this chicken tikka masala with butternut squash noodles recipe

So it calls for a spiralizer blade setting that makes wide fettucine-style noodles, and my julienne peeler only has one setting for very fine strips, so it wasn’t an exact match, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out!

These are my freshly-julienned butternut squash strips, pre-cooking:


You’ll notice the larger chunks of un-julienned remaining squash, which just got a little too small and tricky with the peeler, and even resulted in me slightly julienn-ing my hand, so I gave up (this is probably where having an actual spiralizer would be useful). I’ll have to make something else with them. You’ll notice some slightly wider-looking strips in that photo, but they were easily pulled apart afterwards into the finer strips.

I think I may have started with a slightly smaller squash than is used on the recipe site, and due to the remaining bits, I ended up with less (150g) while making the same amount of chicken tikka masala, so when dividing into even portions for each, the noodles are slightly overwhelmed by the curry, but still good. Now, since my strips were finer than the fettucine style called for, and since I had less, I just cooked them for 6 minutes rather than the 8-10 called for in the recipe, and they came out just right, if I do say so myself! This is the noodle-strips in the oven (with garlic, salt and pepper):


I followed the recipe ingredients/proportions pretty precisely, though when I was adding the canned tomato puree (Hunt’s), I was thinking I probably would have preferred to get fresh, whole tomatoes and puree them myself, which I will probably try if I make this recipe again, but it turned out nice as is anyway. And due to wanting to simplify and dirty fewer pans, instead of cooking the chicken separately as called for, I just cooked it in the sauce directly (before adding the Greek yogurt, which comes after removing the sauce from heat, of course).

Here it is while the chicken was cooking, and once it was all done with the yogurt added:

IMG_1802 IMG_1804

And the finished product served with the noodles:


And I’ll just add that I made this on a Sunday when I had dinner plans out, in order to reheat and eat for the first time for lunch/dinner Monday, so I can’t account for how it tasted immediately upon cooking, but was really yummy the next day. And the nutritional info, based on my specific ingredients and measurements, once divided into 4 even portions:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.42.57 PM


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