No bake cinnamon swirl “cheesecake”

As may have been obvious from my cappucino “cheesecake” post, I hesitate to actually call substitute dishes by the name of the thing they’re supposed to be substituting – so, again, while this recipe has cheesecake in the name, it doesn’t have any cheese and probably isn’t going to fill the void if you’re really in the mood for real, serious business cheesecake. But it’s a good dessert on its own. And while I was a little disappointed by the cappucino pie thing, this tastes really good!

It’s another recipe from CCK, (no bake) cinnamon swirl cheesecake. As usual, a few specifics about choices/modifications I made: again, I went no-crust for simplicity (and lower calories); for sweetener, I used Lyle’s Golden Syrup; and for the coconut oil, the recipe calls for 3 tbsp/30g, and I measured out on my food scale to 30g, but then afterwards noticed that my coconut oil says 1 tbsp = 14g, so I might have been closer to 2 tbsp.

The recipe calls for soaking cashews overnight, but I wanted to make these on an evening after work and worried about them getting over-soaked (don’t know if that’s a thing) so I just put them to soak before work for the day. Also whenever I have to pat something thoroughly dry, I feel like I never quite get it as dry as I should, but oh well. My soaking cashews, and then once patted dry:

IMG_1874 IMG_1875

They were pretty mushy after soaking!

This is all my ingredients in the food processor (Ninja), before and after blending:

IMG_1876 IMG_1878

And the pie in the pan, before and after cinnamon-swirling!

IMG_1879 IMG_1880

And after freezing, in single-slice form:


I will say, I found this very tasty, and I’m not generally a big cashew person. I won’t say that I didn’t notice the cashew, but the dominant taste was definitely the yummy, yummy cinnamon. I think my one complaint is that eating it as a single serving (when in 8 even slices), it’s very small and I wanted more! Obviously would have been more substantial if I’d done a crust, but the filling is still quite thin.

In any case, this is a tasty treat, quick and easy to make (honestly like 10 minutes, apart from freezing time) and is definitely going on my “will make again” list. Cashews – who knew?

Nutrition facts, based on my choices, if made into 8 equal slices:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.39.59 PM


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