Chicken black bean burrito

I did a take on these chicken black bean tacos, but doing it more as a burrito than tacos – mainly because I’m not crazy about hard shell tacos (they always fall apart too easy and are so difficult to find the right head-angle for eating!)

I followed the recipe pretty closely, except I used a bit more chicken (because the package I bought came with a pound and I didn’t want to freeze or toss the little bit leftover), and I didn’t add the scallions (mainly because that goes on last once all is said and done, and I completely forgot about it until just now when looking at the recipe page to write this up, a few days after making it, and now that all my leftovers are done!) or any of the “optional add ons”. And because I went for soft, big tortillas, for me a serving was one burrito rather than two tacos.

I’ve done a very similar recipe before that was 6-8 hours on low in the crock pot, rather than the 2 hours on high this calls for. This was actually the first time I used my slow cooker on high rather than an all day low, and I’m sure it would have turned out the same if I’d done the other way, but I thought I’d try it the way the recipe recommended. It was good, except I think the chicken ends up a little more tender and falls apart easier when shredding after a long time on low. Oh, and the other recipe I tried like this just threw the chicken in with everything without being pre-seasoned, and was more covered in the other ingredients during the cooking process. Again, don’t think that made much of a difference.

Anyway, here’s a dump of photos: my seasoned chicken, the other ingredients ready to go in the crock pot, the crock pot once the chicken was added, and once cooked (looks like the chicken all fused together but they didn’t really), the chicken shredded a little bit at a time on a plate, and all the shredded chicken back in the pot:

IMG_2015 IMG_2016 IMG_2017 IMG_2019

And here’s my red cabbage slaw. I wasn’t able to find pre-shredded red cabbage this time in the store, so bought a whole head and shredded it myself partially with my Ninja chopper and partially by hand, with mixed-size results:


And here’s two ways I prepared it – at home on a dish, and in a container I used to bring leftovers to work (brought in the wrap separately in that black container, and the chicken mix in another for microwaving, and the slaw in another):

IMG_2063 IMG_2024

Anyway, this was pretty good and the slaw was a nice touch that I hadn’t used in my taco/burrito style cooking before.

Here’s the nutrition info for the dish in 4 equal servings based on my specific ingredient choices and measures, including the extra chicken and the slaw, but not the wrap:

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 1.24.18 PM

And I used one of those healthy-flaxy-wholemeal tortilla things that were 70 cals each.


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