Tilapia tacos

So I had some tortillas left over from making chicken black bean burritos, so was looking for another tortilla-type recipe, and I made these cilantro lime tilapia tacos. I followed the recipe relatively closely, with a few exceptions.

Firstly, I only used one jalapeño, because I can find the spiciness a bit much sometimes, and I removed the seeds (also, handling just that one left the skin on my hands burning for the rest of the evening, which hasn’t happened to me before, but I’m going to be more careful with jalapeños in future!).

Also, my supermarket didn’t have any fresh cilantro so I used Gourmet Garden cilantro paste, which doesn’t sound nice but works out fine. But, I only used it in the cooking process and not as an extra garnish. I also used from-the-bottle lime juice for cooking, and no lime wedge garnish or avocado. And I knew I had tomatoes in the fridge so didn’t bother to buy any, but it ended up that I had less than the recipe called for, so I was a little skimpy on that as well.

Lastly, the recipe says to add the onions, then the fish, then the tomatoes and stuff, and my eyes somehow skipped over the “add the fish” part which I didn’t realize until it said “start to break up the fish in the pan” and I was like “wait, when did the fish go in the pan?” So I laid the fish on top of the tomatoes and stuff, which I think made things slightly more difficult for me, and I ended up slicing it up a bit once already in the pan, to help move it around and get it cooking easier, but I think the end result was the same as it would have been if I’d been more organized.

So here are my recipe-in-progress pictures, with the vegetables in the pan, the fish added/sliced, and everything once the fish was all flaked up and mixed in:

IMG_2070 IMG_2071 IMG_2072

And because I also had red cabbage left over from the chicken black bean tacos, I threw some of that in too (I had planned to do the same sort of slaw as that recipe but then decided – meh!), so below, in the pan and then in the tortilla before wrapping:

IMG_2073 IMG_2074

Apart from my goof with the order of adding the fish, this is a quick, easy recipe that took only about 20 minutes total.

And I actually only had 3 tortillas left, and this makes 4 servings. I could buy more tortillas but then you end up in an endless cycle of having to find recipes for tortillas, or having to throw them away. So for one of the leftover servings I had the “brilliant” idea of using even more of the red cabbage leftover (a head gives you so much!) in the style of a “lettuce wrap” but of course, the raw red cabbage is much stiffer and I’m useless at ripping off a single leaf without breaking it to bits (I’m actually not great with real lettuce wraps, either, but this was a whole new level of fail), so I did more like “red cabbage scoops” which worked out better than it sounds.

Here’s my nutritional info for 4 equal servings as I made it, keeping in mind I used less than called for in terms of peppers/tomatoes, and no avocado, but threw in the red cabbage:

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 2.20.52 PM

I think given what my version cut out from the original recipe, my servings are probably considerably smaller than the recipe calls for, but it leaves me more room for dessert, so! (I should add that I generate all of these nutritional-facts things by inputting my ingredients in the recipe builder on myfitnesspal.com)

And again, I used my 70 calorie tortilla thingies, and when I did the “cabbage scoops” instead, that adds just another 30-ish calories.


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