Chicken black bean soup (in the crock pot)

After a week’s vacation it seems like forever since I’ve done this! But anyway, back to normal, and hopefully healthier, eating (generally).

So although it’s still pretty hot outside, I saw this recipe and just got in the mood for some hot soup. With a few variations: first of all, I only made half of the recipe. Secondly, there is some interesting commentary/debate in the post and comments in the recipe link on whether or not onions work in the crockpot. The original post says no, but some commenters say they’ve never had an issue. I’ve never had an issue either, and I decided to go with onions on this one, and had that replace the scallions, but I still used some onion powder. So, I don’t know what the issue with onions is supposed to be, like if their flavor just doesn’t come through and I negated that experiment by also using the onion powder, but I’ve done crock pot dishes with onions sans onion powder before and also not had an issue, so, I don’t know. It tasted fine to me. Also, I would normally saute onions a bit before throwing them in the crockpot, but this time I was lazy and threw them in raw (though at the start of the process, not at the end as is called for if using scallions). I was also very lazy and threw the chicken in frozen rather than thawing first, which I have never, ever done before, but that also turned out fine. Finally, I skipped the extra green chilies, and the avocado/lime/sour cream. Very glad I skipped the extra chilies, because – I don’t know if it was the red chili powder or the chilies in the tomato can, but this turned out pretty spicy anyway!

Anyway, besides all those little adjustments, I followed the recipe relatively closely. There’s not much to adjust in the method when it comes to throwing everything in a crock pot. I really liked the element of pureeing half the beans at the start, to have that as part of the broth – nice consistency and flavor. Anyway, here’s my step by step process and results:

Black beans and chicken broth, pureed in the food processor:


My chopped red peppers (about 140g):


Everything in the crock pot, including onions (about 130g):


Chicken removed and shredded, then back in the crock pot, with added cilantro (I also had to add a fair amount of salt when I taste tested at this stage:

IMG_2255 IMG_2256

And my final, single bowl serving:


If split into 4 even servings (keeping in mind I only made half the recipes, and the proportions of veg/chicken I used), the nutrition per serving is:

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.46.48 PM

It was relatively filling as is, but I also ate it with some toast, as I normally do with soup when eaten as a meal.


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