Single serving interpretation of banoffee pie

So I recently made banoffee pie, and had some ingredients leftover (as mentioned in that post, I didn’t use the entire can of caramel) so decided to try out a slightly simpler, smaller version!

I crushed up half a graham cracker into a small ramekin (not bothering with a proper crust with butter, so saving some fats and calories there). This was just by hand rather than in the food processor, because I didn’t care about even chunks:


I mashed in some banana (I’m sure this would have been better with fresh, but I tend to freeze bananas when they’re going overripe faster than I can eat them, to throw in smoothies, and I only had a frozen one on hand, so I let it thaw and then it was a bit gross/mushy, but oh well):


Added in a bit of the caramel (45g), and I still have some leftover so I can do this again! I was thinking I maybe should have tried reversing the caramel and banana, so the caramel would be mashed with the graham and the banana spread on top, so I definitely need to try it again just to test that out:


And with cream added. This was the most labor intensive part of the process, because I did have to whip the cream again, but that’s still no more than a few minutes. I used 1/4 cup + 1/4 tsp vanilla, and only used half of what I ended up with (but it’s hard to use a hand blender on any less than 1/4 cup):


And here’s a cut out view once partially eaten:


Yum! Not quite as amazing or the same consistency as the real deal (definitely softer/more puddingy without the solid crust base), but a very nice close substitute, for a single serving with less than 5 mins effort.

Update: I did do it again, with the caramel mashed into the graham, and the banana layered on top of that – and I still used frozen banana but this time just sliced it up frozen rather than thawing first, and overall the consistency was better.

And nutritional info (with half a graham cracker, 50g banana, 45g caramel, and half the 1/4 cup whip:

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 2.16.14 PM


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